The Wisdom of Lemmy Kilmister

Not bad advice, actually. Full interview here.

So after twenty-five years, you have any words of wisdom you can share?

The greatest wisdom in the world is a very simple phrase, and it’s very corny I suppose, but it’s treat people how you would like them to treat you is the basic thing. I’ve always found it’s absolutely true, man, it’s the best advice there is. Why should you think you’re any better. ‘Cause you’re not.

Those who don’t know better might be surprised by that answer.

They don’t understand, you know, we’ve never incited anybody to do anything evil. We’ve never preached violence as a solution to anything. We don’t have a political stance, we’re apolitical. I hate all politicians, they’re all lyin’ cheatin’ thieves. But some other bands fall for it, they align themselves with some sort of political campaign. We should be an escape from that shit, we get it put down our throats all fucking day. You should be able to listen to music and not have to think about all the real world crap.

So rock oughta be escapism?

Like all great music, it’s the same. You sit and listen to Beethoven and it’s the same. It’s better music, obviously, but it’s still escapism.

OK, any words of warning?

If you’re gonna be in a band, always read the small print. And possibly sign a false name if you can get away with it. And get an accountant before you get a manager [laughs]. And never let your manager be your accountant. I did it too, so if you’re looking for wisdom, don’t look at me, we’re not really successful [laughs].

Do you have a favorite hangover cure?

Well, to get a hangover you got to stop drinking [laughs]. I’ve never been much of a fan of that.